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change your body, change your mind.

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Online 3 Week Zoom Yoga Intensive


APRIL 1 - 21

 Online Intensive details: 

  • Morning and evening options: 7:30-9:00 am and 5-6:30 pm 
  • The Intensive will have 21 classes, taught daily, and you can join morning and/or evening, providing the opportunity for 42 classes.  
  • Payment will be by e-transfer sabu@sabuyoga.com
  • Once you register, you will be send a new zoom link to join the course   


Discover more about Sabu yoga


Reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

Gain vitality, positive energy flow in the body, stimulate energy centers. Feel refreshed, energized, a sense of well-being.  Improve your breathing, strengthen muscles, optimize body functioning. 

Alleviate stiffness and aching joints.

Heal your body through our yoga intensive.  Discover the powerful healing techniques of pranayama and breathing exercises.  Transform your body and mind!  

Meet Sabu

For 33 years, Sabu Chaitanya has been teaching yoga intensives internationally to students of all levels and ages. Sabu has been able to transmit the ancient wisdom of Yoga to thousands of people. Sabu's vast experience, sincerity, and dedication provide his students with truly life-transforming methods towards self-healing, balance and peace of mind.

Transformative, challenging and fun

Some say it is the experience of a lifetime!  For adults of all ages and levels.  This course will further benefit those who wish to take yoga teacher training. 

What you will learn

Discover techniques such as pranayama, breathing exercises, sun salutation, asanas and mindfulness.   Also experience the breakthrough mindful experience of Super Brain Yoga

Extra Optional Classes

All Intensive participants can join additional Saturday and Sunday yoga classes at 10am at the Odd Fellows Hall.