Zoom Yoga Class


I met Sabu several years ago when he visited and taught a special course at the Sivananda yoga centre in Gurgaon, India. His classes helped me to pay attention to the little things in my practice. He breaks down each asana into steps and makes us aware of not just how we come into the asana but also how we come out of it, with awareness. He constantly gives breathing instructions and helps you to breathe deeply and to lengthen the breath by breathing slow. At the same time he makes you focus on relaxing the body fully. At the end of the class he takes you into a relaxation where you feel like you are a star floating in the arms of the universe. Here, you are able to touch your deepest self and the treasure it holds, of inner joy and peace and happiness. 

It’s been a really big treat to have a chance to be back in Sabu’s class again, during this lockdown which has compelled him to teach online. So even though I am in lockdown in India, and Sabu is in Canada, I am able to join his evening class in my early morning. It feels wonderful to be in a class that is straddling several continents and time zones and connecting us all and helping us to stay peaceful, calm and centred during this challenging time in the world’s history. Thank you Sabu for so generously opening your class to your Indian students and for brightening our day with your big smile and laughter.

Aparna Talaulicar

26 May 2020




I've enjoyed attending 2 Yoga Intensive courses with Sabu here in Ladner.   What I like about his approach is that it doesn't only have great physical benefits, but his teachings go far beyond the physical.   Sabu is very experienced and knows how to notice when we need a little more guidance on a certain asana.  He always adds his own knowledge and wisdom about the ancient teachings.  This helps the participants push through physical, mental and emotional challenges.  I've noticed my energy and flexibility improve significantly.  I would never of predicted that I would be able to hold various positions such as the head stand but can now do them routinely.  I would highly recommend Sabu and his yoga program for anyone, beginners or experienced yogi's alike.  I'm so happy to have Sabu's guidance.  

Dennis Bellia

Ladner, BC




I truly cannot praise Sabu and his Yoga Intensives enough. I have been in many other Yoga classes over the years but never experienced an instructor with such a peaceful, prideful passion to teach. I am on my second one-month Intensive and I feel better, sleep better, breathe better, move better, live better and love better! I can't wait to get to class and find out what improvements I will discover! Sabu genuinely cares and connects with each and every student and creates an environment where everyone feels united and encourages each other.

If you have an opportunity to take a class, do not hesitate! You will not be disappointed!   Thank you Sabu!   You have changed my life and I am forever grateful.

Sherry Walden,

Ladner, B.C.




I first became motivated to learn yoga while recovering from a minor lower back injury due to very tight psoas muscles. 

I’d attended some yoga classes, but mostly learned from books and dvd’s. I was aware of the spiritual aspect of yoga, but at the time was more focused on the physical benefits.

My first yoga class with Sabu in September of 2007 revealed yoga’s physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits;  and I signed up for a one month yoga intensive. During that month, and several subsequent one-month intensives, I personally witnessed positive physical, emotional, and spiritual changes; and now yoga is part of my daily routine. 

Sabu’s devotion to yoga and sincere commitment to his students is unique. Sabu’s style of teaching encourages students to breathe deeply, focus their minds, and realize the infinite possibilities.

Angela Milani,

Marsh Lake, Yukon, 2019



“I first met Sabu in spring, 2007 when he delivered lunch hour drop in yoga sessions beside my office at Shanti Yoga Studio in Whitehorse, Yukon. My friend and colleague at the time said: “…you’re going to love this guy”. And, I did. I was a mess with regard to flexibility. I’m a runner, rider, skier/snowboarder and I do pump fitness etc. etc. All these activities without a daily yoga practice create a very stiff body. Although I’d done yoga since 1987 it was really on the back burner. Sabu’s teaching style including demonstrating asanas and introducing yogic philosophy was right up my alley. Over time and after many Sivananda intensives, more flexibility in mind and body slowly became my experience. Sabu offers progressively challenging classes that took me to my edge and although I’m still stiff, my flexibility has improved dramatically. I can be upside down in comfort, my breathing is controlled and relaxed and when coming out of an intensive with Sabu, my mind is open and I feel an expansion I’ve not felt before. If your desire is to ‘wake up’ in Life, spiritualize your yoga practice and recognize your true Self, yoga intensives with Sabu are a path in this direction. Yoga with Sabu changed my life and I am forever grateful.” Om Sabu Om

(Robin Hamilton-Marsh Lake, Yukon 2019)


Initially, I took Yoga with Sabu to gain greater flexibility and recover from a sports injury. Many intensives and years later I not only attribute my recovery to Sabu’s yoga classes, but I surprising gained a life altering change in how I view the world around me. Through yoga I discovered the necessary tools to keep calm and present under all circumstances. I learned that inner peace contributes to outer peace allowing us to engage with the world in a grounded, peaceful manner. Through pranayama (breathing exercises) and asana (postures) I unblocked stored energy in my body, which in turn gave me the opportunity to reconnect with family, friends and the world around me in a rich, meaningful way. After taking multiple intensives with Sabu I began to notice that many of my life-long physical health aliments such as food allergies were lessened or eliminated. Sabu’s intensives allow me to continuously remember and relearn how to stay present and grounded and with each class I gain a greater understanding of my true nature."

-Linnea Rudachyk (Certified Sivanada Yoga Instructor) ​​​​


In my early fifties I noticed that I could no longer sit on my heels, or cross my legs because my knees were too stiff. At soccer I noticed that I could no longer twist and turn to move the ball like before and realized this was due to a stiffening spine. Not happy with this physical decline, I decided to try yoga. I stumbled into some individual classes with Sabu and his student Alexa. When I heard about an intensive, it sounded like a good idea. I seriously wanted physical improvement and knew it would require work. When I started the first intensive, I could not enter the child pose, let alone do headstand, plow or wheel. The early sessions were a struggle, but slowly I saw progress. The end of my third intensive coincided with the beginning of an indoor soccer season. For a very brief moment, I was scoring leader. But not only does serious, disciplined yoga improve athletic performance, I am convinced that a supple spine is key to preventing injury. When the back is stiff, you tend to overcompensate with other body parts.

-Doug Hitch


"I have seen small, yet amazing changes in my stiff, 62 year old body-I can do things after 5 months of regular practice I couldn't do 30 yrs ago. Sabu's dedication has helped us practice at home when he isn't around...I still haven't eaten chocolate [since starting yoga]!"

-Marti Ainsworth 

Scotts Valley, CA

"At first I was very nervous...buy when I first took Sabu's class, something told me and my body to continue so I signed up with excitement knowing I needed this badly. Now I look forward to the class each morning. I feel great, so much better, and am doing things that I did not believe I could do. Never even as a kid have I done a headstand! Everything Sabu teaches is truly a life lesson. No one teaches like him. So balanced. Has changed my life...All day long people say I look happy...I hand them Sabu's website and say 'This is why'. "

-Valerie Gomez

Santa Cruz, CA


"Since beginning the class I have noticed changes in both my physical feeling as well as my mental state. I have seen my body become stronger and accomplish things that I did not know that I could do. Even more valuable to me are the changes I have found in my mental state. I have many stresses in my life and am always on the go. I have found that lately, even though I am still moving, I am much more calm. Instead of having my gaze fixed intently on the road as I drive to my next appointment I feel more at ease and have been noticing the beauty of nature around me. I plan to continue with a regular yoga practice at home and also continue to take classes with Sabu. I would highly recommend Sabu’s classes (and I have) as I have learned more about my body and how to properly do each asana than in any other class that I have attended."

- Jada Giberson

Capitola, CA


"I can't believe the changes in my body in such a short time. I'm so much more flexible. My diet is under control too. I don't like feeling full anymore. I'm hyper-aware of my body. I want to grow old with yoga (or grow young!). I've played with yoga on and off since 16yrs old. There's never been an instructor that has motivated me to practice on my own since Sabu. I tell everyone I know about Yoga now, I'm a believer.. My friends have noticed a change in me. Thank you, Sabu!"

-Patty Yarr

Capitola, CA